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Soil Card Sample 1

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Soil Card Sample 2

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Soil Card Bug Sample 3

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Soil Card Bug Sample 4

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To place an order for Trading Cards,

please contact:

Glenda Fauske

ND Forest Service

(701) 228-5446

Trading Cards




A set of "tree trading cards" of the native and most common found tree species in North Dakota have been produced for educators and the public. There are 25 cards in each set and the cost is $3 per set, plus S&H if mailed. Each card includes a colored picture of the mature tree, an insert of a leaf, and the backside includes scientific information.




Macroinvertebrates are bottom-dwelling, aquatic organisms large enough to see with the naked eye. Different species of macroinvertebrates have different levels of tolerance to water pollution. By identifying the species of macroinvertebrates in a body of water you can estimate the quality of water that is present. Macroinvertebrates are directly affected by what happens in a stream. If someone would like additional information about macroinvertebrates they can visit the on-line key at the Digital Key to Aquatic Insects of ND website. They are available for $3 per set, plus S&H if mailed.




The Soil Trading Cards are available for $3 per set, plus S&H if mailed. 

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