Coalition for Conservation
and Environmental Education (C2E2),

is a 501(c)3 nonprofit of organizations and individuals fostering environmental literacy through conservation and environmental education activities in North Dakota since 1995. Environmental literacy means to:

  • Have an understanding of the earth as a physical system with natural and built environments, including human societies.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to interpret information.
  • Be empowered to act with a group to resolve issues and as an individual to make a difference.
C2E2 is proud to serve as the North Dakota affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education. The Affiliate Network promotes collaboration for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and a unified voice for environmental education across North America and beyond. C2E2 encourages the use of the voluntary Excellence in EE Guidelines established by NAAEE for setting expectations for performance and achievement.

Participants share a common and compelling vision to "foster an environmentally literate citizenry and serve as a leader in conservation and environmental education (EE)."

The mission of the Coalition is to "prepare stewards of all ages with the skills to make informed decisions that maintain a sustainable environment."

Participants share common and compelling values to "strengthen environmental education by sharing ideas, forging new partnerships, enhancing communication, and leveraging scarce resources."

There has never been a more compelling time than now to help solve environmental issues that impact and involve our natural and cultural resources. With a growing list of partners, C2E2 is in the right place at the right time to help raise awareness, develop skills, and empower stewards of all ages to act. We have taken the lead responsibility in:

  • generating "ND EE Strategic State Plans"
  • creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to build support and visibility
  • establishing a non-profit organization
  • embedding EE into ND Science and Social Studies State Content Standards
  • infusing environmental education into the University Program Standards for Teacher Education in Science and Social Studies
  • building a web site to serve as a clearinghouse for information
  • providing a calendar of EE events
  • sponsoring an Outstanding Environmental Award for regional and the State Science Fairs
  • selecting National Youth Science Camp scholarship winners for the governor from 2000-2016
  • participating in a variety of youth education events, such as Environmental Festivals, Water Festival, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Zoo Day, Eco-eds, Envirothon, Conservation Days, etc.
  • producing Trading Cards of trees, macroinvertebrates, and soils
  • securing affiliate membership from NAAEE in 2011
  • providing professional development graduate credit and noncredit workshops for formal and nonformal educators working with PreK-12 students

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